Thursday, July 19, 2012

The same old thing

I may give up on the paint-ridden top layer of the big hanji. It's just so gross (I hate the smell of dried gouache and watercolor pigments) that I left it outside on my patio chair after attempting to knit more of it in the evening. I lost my good morning energy to housekeeping: laundry, errands, treating myself to a delicious Indian lunch. This is my attempt to learn from the past and not leave all of this to the last minute, as if I would actually keep working up until then. Studio stuff will get wrapped up, in terms of equipment and materials, though I'm not sure what to do about how and when I will ship all of the artwork.
Cobi and I spent a bunch of time staring at baby bunnies today. I thought of how strange it is to live here, essentially in the middle of strip malls, where people don't usually live. You might work in one or shop in one but not live there. So it's a miracle I've gotten done what I have. It helps to have the little bits of wildlife here, though the bird situation in the courtyard is distressing (another baby died, probably fell out of its nest and then somehow ended up in the sewer).
I keep trying to tell myself that it is not the end of the world if I don't finish this shoe sole before I leave. But I do try to show up every day, and have to remember that even just a couple of hours is better than nothing. On that note, back to the manuscript! [I found a couple of sources that require some additions and changes.] And index, when I truly muster the strength.

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