Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rolling to the next

[My view from the latest dorm room I am occupying. It's even lovelier moments after I snapped, with the sun lighting the fog above the far trees. The corner of the adjacent dorm is visible to the right.] I'm in Bennington! Last night, I finally gave up on packing and went to bed early, hoping I could finish in the morning. It's amazing what a good night of sleep will do. Everything that seemed impossible yesterday was done in an hour or so, well before 9am. It rained allll day on the road and after I arrived, so it's a super apparent awakening to the humidity in this corner of the country.
I've met all of the teachers for this session save two (and we taught in the same week last year) and had a chill orientation and dinner. I like them all and like that I'm on this corner of the dorm; my classroom will be in the same fishbowl as last summer. Except with almost double the students. Tomorrow's supply and classroom setup will be a bit of a bear but it will feel good once everything is ready to go. Some of the most welcome news: the chef is great and the food has been the best it has been in years. I am SO excited for a week of no cooking and no dishes.

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