Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gear change

Cobi and I had been told at the end of last week that there was a chance that we would represent SFAI at a booth at ART Santa Fe this week, and that we wouldn't know until the last minute. We found out today that it's happening! Exciting, but it throws my entire schedule out the window. I had started the day with visits to the gym, library, and grocery store, and then finally descended upon my manuscript. I felt good about my energy and ability to get through this round and broke for lunch after 30 pages were done, including captions. Then I got the art fair news! It's funny because I was using studio work to keep myself from MS work. But now that the artwork takes priority, I am using the MS to procrastinate.

Enough of that for now. Time to type up my inventory and price it. That bunch of cords up there will eventually become a paper shoe.

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