Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cold hands, heavy eyes

I'm really exhausted, for so many reasons. I found out that my flight is late enough in the afternoon for my mom to pick me up from the airport after work on Friday, which is SUCH good news. I can't wait to get home. Today and last night were traumatic. So much gossip and damage control. I can't get into it online, but really not okay things have been happening here very recently. Another energy suck. But after all the drama and an afternoon nap, more about my performance was revealed to me. I also got a bunch of things done in the studio tonight that make me feel good. AND I talked to my Chicago video editor, who put me at super wonderful ease. He's such good people, and such a pro. I have to get another big batch of applications out in the next few days, so that's an additional stressor. Laura's fiance sent her these gorgeous flowers today for her bday.

So, I've decided that I'm going to play violin behind a door that I've propped up in the corner of the installation room and trap myself sitting on trash bags w/my bare feet sticking out w/string tied to each foot, leading to words and a wood scrap covered in paper. I'm feeling good about the objects I'm placing and things are coming together slowly. I'm skipping the bday party tonight in the lounge b/c I'm tired and have to work, but like the people who are having bdays today (Laura, Cody, Gale). My eyes are giving out on me now.