Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Slow grow

More marigolds appeared! Seeds sown in July and very intermittently watered. Good to know that these work while the other seeds totally failed.
Over two weeks, I worked on a new set of ducks for a commission. Here's a review of the paper show my ducks are in, in Columbus.

I tend to make more than ordered so that I can choose the best selection for shipment. These are going overseas as soon as I can make more copper stands. Under the fabric full of chickens (from Youngmin) are lots of bamboo splints from my trip to Korea that already feels like it never happened. Funny how that works.
I also sowed these seeds in July and while the zinnias came up quickly, the flowering has been the slowest of them all. One poked out to say hello in the last day. After talking yesterday to Velma about how it's okay to only get a few plants out of many, many starters, I feel doubly grateful for this one pink face.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Time and change

Working on ducks while listening to this far-ranging and deep story about the UN Conference Against Racism that ended only days before this day, 20 years ago, by a brilliant journalist that NPR was so lucky to have, Shereen Marisol Meraji. Tears, for sure.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Testing tech

I hastily scattered marigold and bachelor's button seeds in July before I left for NY. Clearly the latter failed utterly and as of last week I think I have one tiny marigold. I definitely don't expect a real yield for dyeing but it's always great to see which plants can survive my neglect.

This is mostly a test to see if the new subscribe by email button will work. I could not deal with any of that while in Korea so I am slowly getting to it now. What else? A few more rhodie books are available from my dealers now, the coffee grounds from *$ are actually working well to dissipate the kimchi smell from my fridge, and registration is open for my fall Asian Paper Craft class at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Still buried by life but grateful for it.