Monday, October 09, 2023

80s to 40s in a week

I've felt buffeted by the weather, walking through fall leaves covering the sidewalks on a sunny day when the highs were in the 80s, and now under the covers with the heat on during nights in the 40s. The rain patterns have been the most confusing, I think, in their sudden and torrential nature. I have a LOT going on but nothing flashy to show. Here is the process of transcribing the first paragraph of a mother's eulogy to her baby girl.
hiccups in spinning because I cut too close to the edges
spun, saving all breaks

I'm seeing how important it is to do things that connect me to the world, remind me I am part of it: being outside in the woods, cooking, gardening, being with friends, and of course, making. I feel increasingly unmoored from what used to be important to me and it's a big effort not to trash it entirely (but I can't, it would look so 'unprofessional' and 'irresponsible'). For now, I try to tie myself into being, repairing each break as I go.