Wednesday, February 22, 2006

1,378 bricks. 1 week left.

Okay, so according to my "timeline" for thesis, I should be at a thousand bricks by the end of this month. No, I should be at however many that I need. So. I'm feeling pretty unhappy w/the days I lost this month from class and dating, so I've decided that I need to max out for the next seven days: no LESS than 79 a day (today I did 111). The good news is that I decided to move my corner in the gallery for the show. Instead of the 9' x 8' corner w/a big pillar obstruction, I'm going one back to the 7' x 7' corner, where I'll have a power outlet as well as no visual distraction (the big corner has an air vent. And see the pillar on the left side of the photo? That would have been in the way if I kept the big corner).

I laid out some of my bricks to get a better idea of how many I will need, and then spent the entirety of our graduate studio meeting doing calculations. I figured I would need 861 bricks to do a 10-foot wall. So that means 1,293 bricks to go all the way to the ceiling (14 feet). Clif and Joseph insisted that I go all the way. EVERYONE loved the new colored bricks. Which is sad, b/c I have more white ones than colored. And they haven't even seen the ridiculous colored ones that I have (today I did purple, red, yellow, and dark grey).

I also think that I need to retire from dating. I can't believe how much it cramps my style, and my studio routine. Back to the dog idea. But I did have the BEST feedback last night from Shawn about my DVD - he said tears came to his eyes watching the last clip of my Nov performance. So, despite all of the drama, I think I finally kind of got the hang of what I needed: a good cameraman and a good editor or two. And! Andrea (my paper teacher) wants me to give her images of my work to do a lecture in Vienna this summer about people using paper conceptually. Wohoo.