Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full up

What's that?

It's a Wendy! We all took a good walk after a morning of work, iron-on randomness, small tutorials, and looking at books. Velma showed me a golden snail on the road.

I am already feeling so much better. Susan told me on the phone yesterday to regain my spirit. Things that I never needed in my head have dissolved, and I found a white hair falling out of my head this morning. Goodbye. I ate a block of tofu. Two handfuls of grapes. Mayple syrup sounds good.

Instead, Velma made up new batches of hummingbird food. And I feel calm I haven't felt all year.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The best residency around

I have had a rough patch, to put it lightly, but am happily sitting at Velma's dining table after a long but productive day of work. I'm doing an R&R of sorts, and spent a good deal of yesterday hearing Velma's fantastic and wondrous stories of the Morgan.

Proof that I am here! Wendy, and my foot. I finished one whole dummy of a brand-new book that has been knocking around in my head since California, early this year. And now it's born in the north country. Hopefully many siblings will join it in the coming days. I am breathing easy for the first time this summer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Family pride

I am so proud of my little sister! I was so wrapped up in my California life months ago that I forgot to say that the documentary that she edited about tort reform had been in competition at Sundance, where it was picked up by HBO for TV. "Hot Coffee" will air on Monday, June 27. I still haven't seen it but I like this review for obvious reasons. The NY Times will also have a big article about the film on Sunday. Wohoo!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

These days

I sit and cry while watching things online. This came up during research for my next artists' book, but I got distracted (away from my work) and ended up backing the project. It's a documentary film about comfort women who were used and abused and thrown away (this is putting it very lightly, considering the atrocities) by the Japanese government and military during WWII. Most of the comfort women (women who were raped and brutalized by Japanese soldiers) were from Korea, but there were stations all over Asia, so the director of the film has traveled to various countries to find stories of the women who are still alive. Back if you can, and then get back to work!

Monday, June 20, 2011

See Diana perform solo in NYC!

This is Diana, who taught me trapeze and so many other wonderful things years ago in NYC. I love her and wish I could support her by going to this, but I won't be in Manhattan then. If you're around in early July, then...

HOT! Festival of Queer Culture presents:
Now/Not Now or Just on the Corner of Walk/Don't Walk
created by Lauren M. Feldman & Diana Y Greiner
performed by Diana Y Greiner

Now/Not Now is an exploration into now compared to not now, intimacy with strangers and non-intimacy with loved ones and which direction to go when at the crossroad of walk and don't walk.

July 5 at 7:30pm @ Dixon Place, NYC
Also on the bill: Jen Abrams, Ephrat Asherie, and Maria Bauman


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A few too many valleys

I kept hoping that this year would come around and soften up, especially this summer, but it's only getting harder. Such a doozy of a season! I finally dumped out my scraps of hanji that I've been collecting for years, to sift through and reconfigure. That's how my life feels right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Too fun

This will be my auction item for the Morgan's open house in the fall. They were my "win-win" project: I get to practice a sewing that I was taught one way but then I recalled (and taught!) it differently and the Morgan gets a fun piece to sell. Thanks to Velma for lending me the right Keith Smith book to refresh my memory (though the final cover and binding off I re-tooled b/c it does not work for me at all the way it's explained in the book). I made at least six of these bindings today so I should be fine to teach it this summer in Vermont.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My preferred paper

Even in my sample books for classes that have nothing to do with hanji, I can't help but use it. I finally finished weaving the accordion panel book and it's crazy wonky, but I and my back are so glad the hard part is done.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hesitant, but the edge of a groove

Ben is finally much, much better, and yesterday I moved more furniture and reorganized to make a work surface for myself. After a good handful of workshops, I'm finally getting a sense of what samples I need to keep and what I can take out of the stash and use for my own work. So lots of oldies and goodies emerged and suddenly I wonder how I'll write and make work at the same time because there is so much of both. Last night I scrambled to weave and knit new bits to use up stray paper and keep practicing. I intend for two weeks of good work, and if today is any indicator (I actually felt excitement, not dread, by the writing bit), I'll get exactly that.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A whoosh in and out of Canada

[Photo thanks to Claude Aimée Villeneuve.] Montreal(-ish) was great! I had a fabulous, engaged group of students. I can't imagine not having a good class after waking up at 4am to drive across the border and well into Canada. The space was lovely, the spreads delicious, and company heartening.

[Joanne's hands, our indefatigable host.] It was nice to just focus on joomchi techniques and what fans out from there. Though my body is not happy after seven hours of driving, and nonstop work before, during, and after class, I'm grateful for another wonderful experience and an easy border crossing. My students stayed well after to keep working and even shared pictures! Such a treat. Tomorrow will be recovery from that and Ben's insane illness that tied me up for the last few days. I can't wait to sleep past 4am!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


I saw Velma today! Hurrah. My butt is sore from all the driving, but my self feels calmer and grounded. This will be a good segue into Montreal this weekend.

Monday, June 06, 2011

The creep starts

I made this at the end of last week. Oh, no! That sometimes signals a slippery slope: I often fall into making these when I feel stuck, yet still want to be making something. Then again, I was also working on a difficult woven accordion book and must have wanted a break from the hard part.

Friday, June 03, 2011

About face

Cohabitation is hard, and I keep trying to recall recent stints of living alone. But I can't, because I've been living with people for years. Friends, family, residencies, and kind strangers everywhere I've gone. The times I've lived alone have been mostly miserable. I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister. When I went to college, I had an unbearable roommate, and then two semesters of a single room. After an uneventful homestay with a roommate in the islands, I returned to live with five other women in a house, a co-op. It was the most enormous living-situation disaster I had ever experienced, and it went on for the entirety of my final year in college. I don't think I ever properly recovered because of the guilt of my own complicity. Ever since, I assumed I was the worst roommate ever and could never live comfortably with others.

That was a LONG time ago. I think it is safe to let it go (in fact, it would be unsafe not to). I know I'm not perfect, and still have a lot to practice in communication, but my last roommate said that I was hardy! Imagine that! I love the idea that I could be a hardy co-habitator. This morning, I finished The God of Small Things and a bowl of cherries. I'm hoping by the end of the day I can say the same of a woven accordion book or a rough draft, since tomorrow I'll be in the wood shop in the afternoon and then entertaining a house guest until Monday night. Hardy!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Weather reports

I didn't take my camera on my walk today, but the water is dark blue and choppy. Scary choppy. The sun keeps coming and going and mostly the wind is in charge. The temps and humidity have dropped significantly since two days ago. I feel like they match my mood. Or, probably, my mood matches the weather. I'm waiting on filling this book while weaving another. I'm uneasy these days, as if waiting for a giant storm.

On a cheerier note, tomorrow is the opening of a show of paper artists in Cleveland at the Morgan! I wish I could be there, but at least my work will be alongside some very good friends.