Monday, October 31, 2016

Chile: First 24 hours or so

I arrived in Santiago in the morning after a nighttime flight (upon which, of course, I barely slept). It took a while to find the taxi driver with the sign that had my name on it, but right next to him was the lovely couple from Hawaii who became the de facto mom and dad for the whole group for the next week. They set a great tone for the entire conference and beyond, including inviting me on a walk around the neighborhood after arrival.
That's when we spotted this Korean pagoda across a huge throughway, a small replica of a Korean national treasure.
It was an apt way to start this Korean studies conference!
After trying to take a monster nap in the afternoon, I took another walk by myself. After that, three of us met with the conference organizer, Wonjung Min, for dinner at an Italian-style place very close to the hotel. It didn't take long to learn that servings of food are HUGE in Chile. We all commiserated because hot water had broken in the hotel (very unusual), and none of us could shower. I traveled far, but the Hawaiians and Korean traveled WAY farther, so we were grimy together. But the wine was excellent.
The next morning, I stayed in the hot shower for a LONG time before meeting the students who would help me get to Campus Oriente of the pontifical university, the visual arts/theatre/music campus. It was so lush and beautiful, with original wooden windows and everything.
The first workshop with art students was great, and they picked up cording paper so well. Carolina hosted me for lunch and then we took a cab to the biggest campus of the university to meet the rest of the group and install my exhibit.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Chile: Prelude

This was my first day in Santiago, last week. I just returned yesterday from the adventure. More soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Information from resistance

The final version is still not right, but its wonky self is what will end up in a suitcase. Hanji has arrived but hasn't yet made it to my doorstep, so hopefully tomorrow night I can start packing in earnest.
This is upside down but just as well. Milkweed and dogbane papers. I have been struggling lately with all kinds of normal human struggles and hope that this trip will knock me out of some of it. Like Dard Hunter said before his trip to Asia in 1933, “I rather dread the trip as it will be a hard, tedious one. It is necessary though as I am getting in a rut which is a bad thing and only a decided change and a certain amount of hardship will pull me out.”

Friday, October 07, 2016

Tick tock

The time is rushing down to my trip abroad. I still haven't sewed the buttons and buttonholes but this one is nearly done. SO many buttons in double breasted clothing!!
I did this one last night.
And this the night before, thinking of Therese, who provided all the beautiful paper (made and dyed) and even the dyed thread down the front. The button looks high but after fixing all the shoulders on these two new dresses, I don't feel like fixing button placement.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Pieces of peace

Tonight was our last weaving class and my piece came off the loom! Up close is the part where I used paper thread for the weft. The rest beyond that is what we learned.
I had my final appointment with a new specialist to get the last opinion about my health concern that was first diagnosed almost two years ago in Korea. A huge source of stress, emotional pain, and panic has run its course. It was so good to hear that I'm fine and don't have to do anything drastic. A friend said it has been weighing so heavily on me that it will take a while for the calm to sink in and the bad stuff to unravel. In the meantime, I've been treating myself to lots of goodies.
Tonight I knew I'd be able to finish my scarf, though I'm still not very good at basket weave. All I want to do is beat hard, so it's really not the best thing for me.
But once I was done, I had such fun ahead! I brought all sorts of paper thread that I've had laying around for years, and wove it all in. This made me very happy. Perfect timing!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Facing south

I'm heading to Chile this month and feeling quite unprepared in terms of travel plans. I have agonized over this trip because I'm not a travel agent and am trying to mix business with vacation. But it's happening no matter what! So I'm busy weaving ducks and sewing paper while juggling applications, a sudden influx of board work, and studying (Spanish, paper history, etc.).
From the Hand Papermaking board retreat: intense, but great to hash things out in person. However, now there are hours of minutes to be transcribed.
Still trying to decide what to do with the newest duck: will I try suminagashi? Or leave it alone? Meanwhile, I need to make new brass stands for my little ducks. Full days ahead.