Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Studio, emptied

I got this for myself at the Polish shop on my way to the studio today, after knitting and watching Derren Brown all morning.

I was intent on finishing this panel, and it's finally done!! 73 x 10 inches.

Then Inga and Andy came by to check out the studio. We wanted to get some tea after that, but all the cafes in the hood close at 3pm (I know, outrageous), so we had to instead go to a pub. I was drunk pretty instantly and on the way to their car, Inga stopped to pick up letters from a building that was taking them down and just painting the name on the exterior wall since the big "A" had fallen off in a storm and they didn't want to risk the rest of them flying off. So now they own these fabulous green plastic letters!

I went back to the studio to felt one more piece, pack up, wait for it to dry, and then get it all home. I figured I should be realistic and just close shop now b/c I don't think I'll be getting much done in the next week. I'll deal with distributing it into two suitcases tomorrow, after I hopefully sleep off my recent deep exhaustion.