Thursday, March 18, 2010


Those foundations used to be huge buildings. They are now all gone. Such a clean job--it's like they were never there. One of the buildings had "RESEARCH" on the side of it. A new life for the riverfront.

Apparently hospitals now say "infusion treatment" in lieu of "IV" these days. Ridiculous, I think. But imagine this picture that E so kindly shared, and imagine after the "infusion" that the turkey got up and jumped out of the pan and started to do a big dance. That is what happened to me today. I had a fabulous, long visit with Helena today, complete with Korean food, history lessons, tea, logistics about a possible visit to her lake house in May, and one of the 99 names of Allah. I felt totally rejuvenated and it helped confirm my vision for the coming months: Belfast for spring, Cleveland in the summer, and Ithaca in September. Then I had a good Thai dinner w/my sis and her husband, and then more tea. I finished reading Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones on the train.

Also, Elizabeth shared this with me: a link about hanji for Spanish speakers! Well, my video isn't in Spanish. But then I thought, if I subtitled in other languages, that would be great, huh? Though my goal had always been limited to spreading hanji to English speakers, that was only b/c of my own linguistic deficiencies. The moving images would still make sense in any other language.

Finally, there's a great art auction happening online. Helena and I talked about how much the consumption of art has changed, and how people can easily have a comprehensive experience of an artist w/o ever leaving a computer, paying money, or experiencing the work directly. As much as I am all for people worldwide reading about artists, looking at their websites, enjoying the images, and so on, actually buying and owning real tangible art is also fabulous, and just as private. Getting to live with art is something everyone should get to do, I think. So if you covet something and can afford it, treat yourself!