Friday, July 13, 2012


[Steve's piece, installed here until the end of the month. I finally voted last night, and I bet you can guess which button I pushed.] I wasn't able to properly sleep last night, only about three or four hours, but managed to get to chapter 9 (of 11 total) in my edits before I went with Cobi to the fair opening. I was concerned about how I'd end up behaving but it all turned out fine. I expressed my dissatisfaction clearly to the organizer, received her apologies, talked with the professor from Korea that I had interviewed back in 2008 (she appears briefly in my book), saw a lovely local couple and got very good professional advice, drank champagne, met the mayor, and was so happy for Cobi b/c he sold a piece! We were all super proud and excited.

I'm exhausted but hoping everything is in the simmering down process. I have just about exactly two weeks remaining here, and so much to do! But I'm hoping the rest is ALL GOOD.

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