Saturday, July 28, 2012

Somehow, home

[In El Farolito, El Rito.] My bones are drenched with exhaustion. I made it through my third and final open studios, packing, spackling (thanks to Sunghee!), packing, checking out, and getting everything into Cobi's truck for the night ride to Albuquerque. Before that, I was happy to have wrap-up visits with Kumi and John and their puppy at a cafe, Tom and James from the Palace Press in my studio, and Laura in my studio. Plus, Diane made the most amazing green chile stew for dinner, which I ate and ate and even took some to eat at 4:30am today (I am not joking. I ate that gladly in my hotel before catching the shuttle to the airport). Flights were uneventful and miraculously on time, and even early. I have finally gotten some good Korean food into my system, though I'm overwhelmed by the packing/unpacking business. I'm going to risk it and go to bed now so I can rise early to pack before heading up to Vermont!

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