Saturday, July 07, 2012

Light bright

I went back in to work on the dress, wishing I had more thin milkweed paper, and that I hadn't sewn up the dress already, but it's now passable. I'll see how it looks in the morning. I was able to hit the gym, shower, do laundry and admin simultaneously, lunch with Cobi, and then work for a bit before Rachel arrived for a welcome change of pace. We've known each other since the mid-90s and now she lives in Omaha but was making a trip down to this area for a little vacation. This was maybe the first time she's ever seen me in a studio with a bunch of work up and done, so I was happy that she was able to see things in person that she's only heard me talk about. We had a delicious meal at Jambo and stayed for what felt like a long time but there was still so much to talk about. I love seeing the way that old friends take their path and I take mine and we support each other throughout. I hope this energizes me for the weekend.

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