Sunday, July 08, 2012

Slog sleep struggle Saturday

Finished a fourth scarf! I said the third was the last, but I've started a fifth already. Surprise.
 This will have to do for now.
 I love the feel of nib and ink.
 The paper was thin so I needed something underneath while scribbling.
I have a new article out in the latest issue of Hand Papermaking about the technical aspects of building the hanji studio at the Morgan. It includes a paper sample of Cleveland-made hanji. I had to cut down 1,700 samples and of course, many did not make the cut. Here are a few after bathing in cochineal. I had wondered for a few days what would happen to my fifth dress and while dusting my studio table I realized that I had brought these samples with me and it all came together. Or at least, in my head it came together. Today was a weird day but okay, especially after getting the news yesterday that I got a scholarship to take a little printmaking workshop in NYC next month! And also after another long conversation with Minah about paper, hanji, the Alps, and my book. I'd like to push through the night but my body has been frantically signalling that I need to turn in and I am finally going to listen.

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ronnie said...

I love the idea and the actuality of your scarves and dresses (and cochineal goodies) wish I could touch and play in the flesh .... ahhhh well - ps - congrats on the scholarship - hope your time in NYC is great