Wednesday, July 25, 2012


[Bark thread, something I finished last night during my 4-hour residency. It's already in the mail to a friend.] I decided that tomorrow I will go to the hospital for a second opinion on my foot. It will be a long wait, since it doesn't look like an emergency, but it's the only way my insurance will cover me out of state. So there goes my last "free" day on residency! Today I sent my final okay for my book text to head to the copy editor, shipped things, looked at the WPA murals at the courthouse, met with Tom and James at the Palace Press and chatted until a storm came in and dumped rain outside, started to pack up my studio, hosted Alison for a studio visit, was treated to a tuna melt by Cobi and ate together with Dianne outside, and then went out with Dianne to look for something to do in town. The music was bad and nothing seemed very exciting so we ended up back at the compound and she looked through my book photos and coached me about book design and photo software. I keep thinking I'll have a quiet moment to relax but none so far!

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Velma Bolyard said...

i can't believe you're almost done!