Monday, July 16, 2012

All over the place

I believe that the stress of the last several days has caused me to choose to drink every night since Wednesday. The fair finally ended today, and I went almost every day either to drive Cobi, pick him up, or visit him at the booth.

On one of those trips, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. These two signs come from an outdoor installation (that reminds me of an installation I saw in Jamaica in 1998).
I also revisited the history museum and FINALLY got to meet Tom Leech in person, albeit briefly, and take a nice long time perusing the beautiful broadsides that he printed and marbled and made paper for. This one was my favorite.
I did my best to be the bigger person at the fair when visiting, and reintroduced myself to Professor Lee Yu-ra, who was visiting from Korea. I had interviewed her in Jeonju at the very end of 2008 during my research year and it was good to reconnect.
Cobi next to one of his sold pieces! He is brilliant and so is his art. If I didn't like and respect him so much, this whole experience would have been a million times harder to take.
Yesterday, I tried to paint all over a HUGE sheet of hanji, and failed miserably, as I always do with paint. Then I realized that it was three sheets laminated together. So good and bad means I have two more sheets to deal with (problematic because that wasn't what I thought I was dealing with so that means extra work) and the other two sheets don't have as much paint on them. I started knitting this at 10pm tonight while hanging out with Cobi and John.
Dianne took me to the Folk Market and WOW. What a spectacle! But I found almost immediately what I wanted and got this enormous shawl, silk, hand stitched. I wanted everything in the booth but obviously could not afford to do so. It's for a wonderful cause (women in India) and I already napped with it today. We stopped at Tune Up Cafe for food before seeing Cobi and his work at the fair.
I got very, very little studio work done this weekend, and very little work done in general, but I've had some really great quality time with Cobi and John and did my best to make a little homecoming for the former to celebrate his sales and end of fair: peanut butter cups, potato chips, and cottage cheese. This week, I have exactly four days to get everything done that I want to get done (manuscript, using up my hanji, maybe even weaving a shoe sole). This was my last weekend working/on the compound: the next brings my sister for a little trip. Hoping for very focused, undistracted work time until then!

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Velma Bolyard said...

wow, aimee, your kantha wrap perfectly matches your current work! i think the paint is beautiful and your skeins of cut hanji are truly divine.