Monday, July 09, 2012

100 dresses but not really

I broke down and used some alum. I was torn between paper airplanes (which I didn't know exactly how to do anymore) and cones. The latter won.
I didn't bring my tripod so this is a dance with a camera on a ladder. The dress has an open back, hospital gown style, so it can be climbed into.
This was before I finished the fifth dress. The thing on the end is an apron, also hanji.
 I love this light table so much.
My sister insisted that this was exactly like a children's book that we both loved when we were little. Except I definitely won't make a hundred of them. This is all for now! Shoes and a fifth scarf and a manuscript await, impatiently. I had a great talk this morning with Marci and she had looked up something about goats because I had seen one stroll by my studio window yesterday (remember, we are on a concrete college campus surrounded by strip malls, so I was dumbfounded by this sighting). Photographer Diane came by and took me to an amazing embroidery exhibit by women who had suffered domestic violence. After tea at the Teahouse, we headed to SITE Santa Fe for the new exhibit opening, where I realized that my tastes have changed radically since I've started to look at art. Or maybe I am just more aware of what I like rather than what I think I am supposed to like.

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