Wednesday, July 08, 2009


SO TIRED I can't be bothered to change the time stamp to make it look like Tues night. I am non-functional w/o enough sleep, and two days in a row w/o naps have been killing me. I got up early to shower and be ready for a meeting to be pushed up, but it never happened. I did manage to run all my morning errands before heading to the ministry of culture for a lunch meeting w/their staff and Professor Kim. Excellent Korean food. I got a ride home and dumped my computer and tried to nap, but my landlord rang to take care of final deposit return and utility payments. So I headed out to do more errands, which included buying a bag to stow my paper on the plane. I'm going w/excess baggage instead of more shipping (though I made TWO trips to the post office today for small shipments).

Last night I overestimated how long it would take to finish my piece; it was 3 hours tops and Esther came by and we got to hang out so that was fun (despite the mosquito we never killed). I am very pleased w/how it turned out. After bumping into Stephanie at the market, I trekked back to meet Pablo and Sol to deliver my art and have tea and dinner. It was lovely to hang out w/people who are invested in Korean culture and super professional about how they handle and represent my work.

Then I came home for the hard part, which is usually easy for me: packing. It took WAY longer than I expected and there were constant cries of "more art supplies?!" and disappointment at how much crap I own. But it's just how it is and at least Esther and Kelsey stopped by to advise. I've had to sacrifice a few things like a museum visit and massage, but if I get to the bank, buy a gift for dad, get to the sauna, calligraphy class, and a final dinner w/friends (AND if my cousin comes to pick up his stuff from my place), then I'll be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, Aimee!

mjc said...

Yes, that's a lovely piece!

Have a safe can catch up on those naps on the flight.