Sunday, July 05, 2009

Too much all at once

My cousin's wife is sewing lovely organic cotton toys for her son to arrive next month. This is a rattle. Today is officially the last day of my grant (and last day of being insured. Sigh. It was good while it lasted!). I got up super early to see Narae at her studio where she had a class so I could deliver a book to her and explain it to her and her students. Then I rushed to meet my cousin and his wife (and got a super nice cab driver on the way) to go to church. It was a longer service b/c of the baptisms and also since it was the first Sunday of the month, so wafers and grape juice for all (I didn't know my family was Methodist, nor that communion happened outside of Catholic mass, which is what I had grown up attending). Plus my uncle was in charge of donations for the day, and my other cousin and his wife did the candles at the end.

I got all confused by who I was going to lunch with afterwards, but I did get my trimmers back. I ended up going yet another cousin and his parents and daughter to lunch (Chinese again!) and shopping. She was the one that I thought hated me and ended up being all over me today. It always happens that way - people come around just when you're about to part. Then I met Julie for our 3rd round of glasses shopping, and a massive tick tick tick of the odds and ends to do list (like aprons - for papermaking, printmaking, and cooking). I had intended to get an electronic dictionary for my dad but instead ended up getting red shoes.

After dumplings and cold noodles, I got home and then went out w/Kelsey for air, and saw Esther on the way back. I got a very unpleasant email from my August residency: they say b/c of the economic downturn, they won't be giving any stipends anymore. AGH. Besides it being a major breach of contract, it's super late notice AND they have already jerked me around a lot for the past two years scheduling and reneging. But I can't deal with it right now; tomorrow I have to do serious production b/c I have to deliver art the next day. I have only one appt, which is a miracle, and will do my best to keep it short and close to home. I really hope the piece turns out...

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Frank said...

Sorry to hear about the residency. Have a safe trip home!