Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Overload or gluttony?

Agh! So many people to meet, to see, to talk to...I'm forgetting so much b/c I'm cramming so much into the little bitty bit of time I have left here.

1. The hanji dept at Jeonju University is being shut down after being around for only four years. Lots of reasons for its failure; sad but inevitable to some.

2. I met w/a friend of Michael's who is about to leave a publishing house to start her own project; I'll get to see one of the meetings this weekend (meaning I have to ditch my family for a bit).

3. Some part of my back went into spasm this morning for no apparent reason. NOT FUN.

4. Having my time chopped up into tiny pieces makes me insane. I need bigger chunks than 1.5-2 hours to get anything done! But shabu shabu today for lunch was lovely. I'm going to attempt a 5-min power nap before calligraphy class.

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