Monday, July 06, 2009

Sheer denial

Uhoh. I'm only a few days away from the flight and not prepared at all. If I had a completely free schedule (as I had planned weeks ago, but that turned out to be a total fantasy), I'd have plenty of time to decide if I need to ship my paper or get another suitcase or what, but instead I am eyeball deep in people to meet and things to do. Today's lunch w/Beau was good but I could just feel the time suck and it just made me antsy. I DID managed to complete my last subscription piece, which I will mail tomorrow. However, I have not yet touched the piece I had intended to work on all day today. And it's almost 9pm. I have instead managed to do everything possible to keep myself from doing it. It's kind of amazing to see myself in action, how I booby trap myself.

Tomorrow I have what was supposed to be a casual lunch meeting, which has now turned into a full-blown affair at the ministry of culture. There goes my plans for the sauna, hairdresser, and national museum. I think it might be time for a nap; there's no other way to tackle this workload.

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