Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I found rubber gloves!

I might end up with more duck pictures than I ever expected.

I love sparkly water. I had gone out right after Ben left for work at about 6:15am for a long walk to find town on my own in daylight. I left my camera at home but regretted it b/c the morning light was soooo nice.

So, after coming back and having breakfast and tea, I went back out with my camera b/c I realized that it may start raining today, which means I won't get to take any pictures.

I shot a lot, but by then it was all overcast and the light wasn't pretty at all.

On my first walk, I saw very few people, and these planters were dry. On the second go around, I noticed they were all dripping.

And sure enough, this dude was a few paces ahead of me.

I love this doorway. Also, I saw three magnificent dogs - one black, one brown, and one very furry one.

Yet another sign of abundance: the local cantina.

Battlefield sites are so weird to me. I think generally that warfare is totally weird to me. Duking it out in a field? Makes no sense.

A wooden walkway along the battlefield. The rest of the winding walkway is fine gravel, with spots of gnat swarms.

On my way home the second time, I noticed eerie orderliness in the landscaping here. It made me think about a recent convo w/Ben about systems and how we are both systems people. But maybe everyone just uses the same landscaper.

The real reason I had taken the walk was to look for local places to find rubber gloves (the stay-at-home gf w/a penchant for cleanliness always ends up doing the dishes).

The local market, about 100 paces away from the front door, was open when I got home, and of COURSE they had everything I needed (except for quinoa. Sharing space with a guy who doesn't cook carbs is a serious challenge). I finally got the dishes done and the kitchen area is clean. Now I have to tackle both bathrooms w/the second pair of gloves I got. This would explain why I am posting a million pictures right now: who wants to clean bathrooms on vacation? I have plenty of time since Ben has to go to the shooting range tonight for practice, and I can easily procrastinate by updating my website. Or taking a shower. Or napping. Ah, time off.

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