Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More more more

[Patterns on the Sejong Center for Performing Arts.] I realize that there are so many things that I am taking in and trying to keep track of that all I do is forget the important things and spit back the silly, cranky, and trivial things. This is what happens when I don't have enough time in between things to properly process. No wonder this year in Korea will take 20 years to process, since I've crammed so much in, with no down time. I was riding the bus for the fifth time today, thinking about how I am looking forward to not riding a bus for weeks, not being in traffic, not being blasted by construction noise and debris, not being in the urban hustle. Ben made a joke today about me not being 29 anymore, but it's not even that: I've never been built for super intense urban life. I can hack it, but it takes a serious toll.

This was the spoon cover from last night's dinner, which I loved, b/c it has those little patterns that I had just been looking at in the Korean art history book. One of the women I take calligraphy just had her book published and we saw it today - it's about Korean design. Very exciting, esp since I've been meeting all these people interested in it but not aware of the research that has already been done on it. The general misconception is that you have to leave Korea and study abroad to learn about Korean design history.

I practiced lots of circles today in calligraphy class, which was hard but I like doing this kind of thing much better than practicing characters. Maybe it's b/c I'm paying so much attention to patterns lately. In general, I've been leaning more and more towards visual art that eschews text (very unlike me). This started two weeks before I left for Korea last year, so I wonder how it will end up showing up in my work. It was good to talk to Phoebe yesterday about how for her, her research and her artwork are two very different activities. I am really itching to get back to the studio side of things. It's kind of heartbreaking to have all these tiny things half started on my desk, knowing I can't really delve into anything for a little while. But I have to at least get a few pieces done before I leave to deliver for the show I'll be in at the end of the month.

I rushed from calligraphy class to Gallery Jinsun for Ohm Jung Ho's exhibit, called The Joys and Sorrows of Life. He's been working on really tiny pieces and is quite content to work small lately. He had a buffet catered at the cafe next door, and it was lovely to sit outside and do my final goodbyes to Professor Yim, Jung Ho, Young Jin, and Hyejin. I only stayed for a tiny bit b/c I was itching to get home and take care of loose ends before Kelsey and I go to exercise.

[They make the loveliest cakes in Korea.] I have been trying to keep next week, the three days I have of it, clear for myself, but it's already being invaded. There's no way around it! Goals: finish last weaving piece by Friday night, finish art pieces for show by the end of the weekend, deliver an art piece next week, meet w/Professor Kim next week, meet Beau next week and pick up more hanji, buy calligraphy supplies on Saturday, do a quick "drive-by" goodbye to my dyeing teacher and his family, shop for final practical things w/Julie at the market, shop for unpractical things at the dept store...uhoh. Now I'm worried. Writing out that list makes me realize it's TOO MUCH! Since I also want to visit the bathhouse, hairdresser, massage therapist, and national museum! Oh, and pack/ship. AND have a farewell dinner.

I guess I just need to chip away at it and try to enjoy myself for the next two days: I'll be out of town visiting southwestern areas. Let's see how much I can get done tonight!

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