Saturday, July 26, 2014

Naginata first run in Cleveland

Charity and Kirstin watch after I load four pounds of freshly-rinsed gampi into the naginata for it's first trial in Ohio. Took a while to figure out where and how to plug it in. 110 volt, so nothing special, but the cord is too short to reach both the ceiling and wall outlets.
Ivey and Charity stepped in after a while to pick out the parts that just don't cook down and shouldn't make it into the final sheet. I took the front quarter cover off for some reason but it should stay on because you can accidentally get your hand up into the blades from the edge of that lid. Charity did a great post about the whole thing, from the start.
I think I sprayed Mason a bunch while cleaning the beater. It's in a bit of an awkward space so it's a bit challenging to get around it the way I am used to being able to get around a Reina, and of course it brings me back to the days of spraying myself in the face while cleaning the inside of the lid, but no complaints! I'll pull some sheets tomorrow if I have the energy. It has been a long, arduous week. Lots of wrapping up and then the slow nagging nervousness about not having planned my Korea trip yet. It will all work out fine, but a lot has to happen before then—major and minor dental work, saying goodbye to my apprentices, ending my contract at the Morgan and sorting out the next steps, teaching two new workshops, maybe making some art?!, and catching up with friends.

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Velma Bolyard said...

hiding out at tom's instead of out to supper, and i love this machine!