Tuesday, July 15, 2014

East again

I was only in Cleveland a few days before I had to fly away again. And I had less time than that to work and prep because I got all weirdly sick and am still recovering. Here are the indigo seedlings (far) and tororo (close) in the new lot.
And here are the outskirts of Providence (the city is further off in the distance). It's so much nicer here when the weather is nice. I seemed to only be here in rain and cold and maybe some snow but now it's quite lovely. Except that I'm mostly inside in the icebox of contemporary A/C (Freeze Them Out seems to be the goal), teaching at Convergence. My flights were fairly smooth yesterday and Lauren greeted me at the airport. We had a lovely lunch before I got to check in, unpack, prep, and nap. Then she returned to fetch me for the most wonderful picnic dinner with May and Jan. It's amazing how sitting on the ground really grounds you. Wonderful company and delicious food, too.

My class is going great, with students so diligent with their cord making! It's a luxury to focus on jiseung and not have to worry about the rest of it, though the questions inevitably lead me back to all of the other things I usually teach (papermaking, joomchi, threadmaking, bark, etc.). I really don't see a way to be able to compartmentalize these things because they're so related and intertwined. I did a twining demo this afternoon and some students are going warp speed, which is SO fun to watch.

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Velma Bolyard said...

you were so sick and i was so busy and claudia was sick and now you're there, and claudia is back and i am making books and planning!