Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All jiseung

I started another duck. This bill is a lot smaller but still platypus-like. I need to study more duck pictures (though these are inspired more by the Korean wedding ducks carved of wood, not real ducks).
Virginia took my Morgan class two summers ago and also my private jiseung class immediately afterwards. She wasn't able to do my Penland class this summer, but surprised me by signing up the morning of the first class and driving from Boston to do this three-day! She has obviously been busy making cords since our last meeting in 2012, and now she has a good outlet for them.
Alex (our sole Canadian and sole man) has been cording and twining away, and came up with using Coca-cola to keep his hands sticky enough to help twist the cords in his palms.
This was my sample basket for today's demo. It's so fun to be able to weave while everyone else is weaving. I only wish these convention centers were not air conditioned like meat lockers. SO COLD!
Jackie was taken by my gourd necklaces (the first thing I ever learned to make in Korea), so she made her own today. Hooray!

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Velma Bolyard said...

happy twisters. looks great aimee, i hope you get enough rest in the arctic room.