Friday, July 18, 2014

All good on all fronts

The three-day jiseung class was a blast. My students got SO MUCH done, and were the quietest class ever, I think. Every visitor would exclaim how quiet it was as soon as they walked in the door. This is Emily, my brilliant assistant, twining ever so tightly.
Joan completed these two, with plenty more of things in the works. I hope to see her again near her home, in Hawaii!
Jane was so diligent and every time I saw her in the hallways, she always had cord or yarn in her hands. These ends will be trimmed at home.
Alex made a HUGE basket and also a flat twined piece that isn't pictured. I should have put something next to this for one gets this big in my classes so it was such a treat to watch it grow, and for him to do the finish this way.
Jackie made this sweet basket along with her gourd necklace from the prior day.
Pam was great with the rectangular base and it showed me a lot about how to teach this (I rarely do, because there's never time to get to this point!).
Pam was inspired by my unfinished book covers and made a pendant with three different kinds of hanji.
Judi also worked on the rectangular base on the final day after having done lots of other weaving, including weaving strips of the printed paper, leaving the text intact.
Charlotte's basket, still in progress. She said in my joomchi class today that her fingers are all worn out from the jiseung! What a trooper.
Emily figured out partway through the importance of twisting the weavers as you twine. It's such a joy to see students figure these things out on their own (I say it, but words don't have as much power as doing the thing yourself). I've never had a student twine this tightly; bravo!
Virginia had a lot of cords before and after coming here, and has a great play of new spokes on the backside of this piece. I loved having her again as a student, and we got to see the exhibits afterwards before she drove home.
She's arrived! [I don't know why, but like to think it's a she.]
From NYC to Cleveland in just a few days. Apparently the delivery guy thought it was strange that the Morganites were SO EXCITED for this baby.
Beautiful! The naginata is home. I taught a full-day joomchi class today, with fabulous students, and saw so many new ideas. But heart! Wish I was there, but know she's in good hands, and I'll be back in no time. The game changer.


Velma Bolyard said...

it's wearing what i think of as aimee tape! and you are right, these students are amazing. said...

student work is wonderful, must feel very satisfying.