Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leaving, returning

Back to work in just a few minutes! Lauren at Paper Connection really saved my hide a couple of times last week by delivering paper more than a couple of times to me. I wish every town I taught in had such a well-stocked paper store!
I almost got this calendar just for this front image of the gourd! There's a horse coming out of the top (got cut off in the snapshot), to celebrate the year of the horse in 2014.
My book class was hard at work, though maybe in the future I should say I'm teaching "structures" rather than "bindings." The expectations would be different.
I loved watching the samples come to life. I survived all of the travel home, delayed flight and all, and was so glad that Amanda from Penland was on my flight so she could sit with me while I had a glass of wine and pizza at the airport before we got onto the plane with the screaming baby. Providence was wonderful, but I am glad to be back to work. I checked out the naginata placement yesterday in the beater room and today will be fullllll of meetings and catch up, but so many more things will be possible with this beautiful machine!

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Velma Bolyard said...

happy home, happy naginata!