Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Back in time

I'm still fighting with the new computer; compatibility issues and other quirks that make it less functional than I'd like. So this is back from my Peters Valley class, student work! Some of them got into making holey paper. Or holy, any way you like to see it.
Leslie is a weaver, so she set up her rigid heddle loom to test paper and bark threads.
Janet is a crocheter and eventually expanded this into a book of crocheted hanji with wildlife.
Dee and her "ass rope"—she really got good at making long continuous hanji cord, and thick stuff as well. I can't say there's always one who does the continuous cord in my classes, but this time I got at least two!
I believe a lot of people were inspired by Tatiana's work, especially her teacups, and they made the most of all of the objects inside and outside of the studio.
Mary was super diligent in her weaving: the first day, she worked on one and then tore it all out. Then she started over and finished a vessel that she is reinforcing with rice paste.
Dyeing, bark lace, making the best of the hot hot hot weather. Thankfully, the studio had A/C.
Catherine made this wee one out of hanji, stuffed it with toilet paper, and coated it with rice paste. Now it's mine!
Barb's rock wound with hanji thread in a custom paste paper box.
Sarah used this stump a lot for various purposes and made SO MUCH WORK. Loved having her in class, and coming over to peek made me realize there was a whole patch of mint in the area (as I trampled it and the scent wafted up).
Jaymie had these doll molds that reminded me of the dentist's office, which she used for casting and joomchi casting.
Jane's bark and paper cup, on top of Catherine's "big-ass tamale" (AKA creped hanji).
Katryna talking to Jaymie as she joomchies away. Katryna did some wonderful pieces but I didn't get to shoot them in time!
[My hands, foreground, Dave's hands, background.] Auntie duty has ended for this trip, now just time to pack and do last-minute work, and squeeze in a little more family time before I drive Wed back to Ohio. I'm glad I extended my stay; helps me feel a little more sane. I'm still over the moon about the naginata and hope I can ride that high for a while.

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Anonymous said...

your students work is amazing - because they have an amazing teacher. wish I could be your student, too.