Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spent in the best of ways

This is the first image of me in Northern Ireland that I didn't take.

The beach at Portrush. I touched the water but not with my feet.

Portrush town hall. Apparently this is a popular tourist town.

I was still eating my ice cream cone when we got into the car.

The rest of my causeway pics are here.

My legs are sore from climbing. I met Lucinda this morning and she drove us up the coast (treacherous but gorgeous) to the Giant's Causeway, a world heritage site. Stunning views--lots of rounding a corner and being wowed. Reminded me of a trip to Honolulu years ago, the deep dips into water. Lucinda found a hermit crab in the water amidst the basalt hexagons and we were lucky to beat the crowds. We drove to Portrush, walked along the beach, saw people on the amusement park rides, ate lunches she packed, and got yummy ice cream before driving back and stopping at the Dunluce Castle--beautiful ruins.

My first published self-portrait not using Photo Booth. I don't know how I did this since I was hiking up very steep steps at the same time. Here are the rest of the castle pics.

We took a slightly different route back to Belfast and then stopped at Ikea for stuff. I got a frypan for 99 pence so now I can finally cook eggs! It was a perfect outing. I thought I was going to write more but I am exhausted and need to pack for papermaking tomorrow!


Velma Bolyard said...

my word for ident below is unpant. i don't remember what i wanted to tell you, this word is so perfect. unpant.

mjc said...

OK, it has come to pass: envy envy envy!

aimee said...

trust me--i felt guilty the whole way there!!! i even told lucinda about how i told you i'd try NOT to go.

mjc said...

...but then I wouldn't have been able to experience it vicariously via your photos! I'm sooo glad you did! Thanks!