Monday, April 05, 2010

A real holiday

Yesterday I took a walk and saw everyone walking in the same direction: to a rugby game. I didn't care to partake but on the way back saw this, which was like some kind of freak portrait of me right now. Ha!

I went to bed somewhere between 2 and 3am but got up at 10am. I think it was the intense sun demanding to be let into my room.

So I obliged, and had some brunch, and then set out for the goal I set yesterday: to walk to and from the studio, to get my bearings. Not to work, since I had no guarantee that I would FIND the studio. And I can't deal with trying to get myself in with three keys and an alarm system. It was enough to see it and then double back.

I nearly got run over a few times b/c I still don't quite understand how the whole driving on the other side of the road business works. I mean, I get that it's opposite from what I'm used to, but all things related to driving exacerbate my dyslexia and I would think, "wait, how do we drive at home?" and then tried to reverse it. Doesn't work. I keep staring at the triangles in the road, wondering if they are arrows or the signal to yield.

More people were out than I expected for Easter, and the weather was totally lovely. So that was a treat. I'm definitely in suspended animation, and though I know I have deadlines, I feel completely unconnected to that part of my life right now. To the point where I don't care about missing them all. Amber asked if I would start a flickr set of images, and though I usually wait until the end to do that, I figured, why not?

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