Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have been swimming in admin, coinciding w/the cold weather that keeps me home w/the heat. I decided today to walk south and get more greenery before heading to the studio today, and made a return visit to the Ulster Museum. I was looking for this trade union banner that Deirdre told me about, b/c she found it so interesting that Eve is covering her face, though women had a huge role in industry here. I also got postcards of my fave painting there, a portrait of Francis Stuart, by Neil Shawcross. And stared at it for a while.

I went into the tropical portion of the botanic garden, which is probably a good place for people who aren't used to the climate here but like warmer, humid, GREEN places. I wandered around the university quarter and tried out a new post office before heading uptown. I stopped by the gallery at Queens Street to see the new exhibit, which nearly made me blind.

I made a detour to photograph this sign that I had seen from a bus (but it wasn't my stop so I couldn't jump off). I'm almost done weaving my piece, though I'm frustrated with some mistakes I've made on it. I had to leave early b/c I was so overwhelmed by the residual shit smell from my shoe so I came home and got down to business: thick lemon bleach, boiling water, q-tips, patience. I hope it all turns out b/c I'm gunning for serious studio time tomorrow before I hit some openings.


Frank said...

I think this is from right after Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden. I bet Eve is covering her face out of shame while Adam is looking around in wonder at what life outside the garden is like.

aimee said...

but it's such a strange image to have for a labor union! THAT is the part i don't understand.