Friday, April 30, 2010

I walked home alone at night even though I'm told not to

Oh, the admin has gotten out of control, as has my cookie-eating habit. Which must stop; I feel an infection coming on from my eating-like-a-starving-artist ways. Cutting back on wheat, pronto. But I wove two more little fellas today before heading to the Josh Ritter concert (part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival).

The first time I met Josh was in a breakout orientation group in some dorm at Oberlin. We had to do a terrible ice breaker where you take the first letter of your first name and find a word that describes you that also starts with that name. Jolly Josh, Kind Kiwon, and Anal Aimee are all I can remember--I don't remember who else was in the group. 15 years later, he is still very, very jolly. The new material is superb. He was nonstop. The crowd was surprisingly tame and polite. I totally cried. There's not much to say b/c it has been said a million times, but I absolutely love that he works so hard, is still so true to his voice, and is still so in love with what he does. I listened to him a lot during my first official residency in Nebraska four years ago, and it was amazing to see where we are today. Tonight, both in Belfast.

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Velma Bolyard said...

"and pretty little maids all in a row"