Friday, July 14, 2017

Wrapping up Fibres West

It's a bit late but my 'holiday' has been jam packed. Here are the last bits of photos from Fibres West. This was from the classroom next door to me, taught by
the amazing and wonderful Gabriella Hegyes.
They did EVERYTHING in this class, it seemed. Dyeing, sculpting, waxing, and so on and so forth. It was an outdoor installation course and I loved seeing and smelling everything coming from there.
Back into my classroom, an old print embedded in new paper by Pam.
A weaving being removed from its loom by Di.
Monica spinning paper on a bobbin winder while Jaslyn practices on the drop spindle with Jane.
Two thirds of class hard at work (the other third is on the right side but I didn't manage to get the whole thing into my viewfinder).
Paper drying on interfacing in the space outside our classroom, part of the laboratory, where we had delicious and nutritious morning and afternoon tea every day.
Liz did wonderful work and was so incredibly helpful (she brought a ton of yogurt containers with lids that were like mini pails with handles, and all kinds of other equipment and supplies that she shared generously).
Philomena's twined basket.
Jane's twined baskets.
Jenny used up her hanji in the center and then moved to yarn for her twining.
Margie's paper embedded with shavings.
I couldn't get enough of Gabriella's students' work.
Marianne Penberthy taught an incredible class and I felt so lucky to be able to meet her. This is student work with handmade tools, colors from the outdoors, and so on. They had wonderful exercises, like making something from nothing, and making something in 8 minutes.
More from her classroom.
Andrea Noeske-Porada taught this incredible felting class that incorporates geometry, tessellation, and hours of hard work. I visited them in the big classroom they had and every student was on her feet felting away late at night. Andrea has a wonderful life story as well, coming later to her artwork after a career as a lawyer, even though the art was always there. Hoping to visit her someday in Germany.
There were more tutors and so much student work but this post is already getting long. I loved meeting all the students and teachers and was so impressed by the entire event. It's the tightest ship that I've had the honor of riding and I even got to see a bunch of sheep on our final morning on a walk with three of my students through the fog. Gifts every day!

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