Thursday, July 06, 2017

So happy to be here

The jet lag has nearly worn off and we are in this delightful classroom, which is a wet lab that apparently takes care of animals, as seeing from these medicines (and the cages, etc.).
There's also a veranda, which makes for the best beating space.
Inside, we try to keep the papermaking close to the sinks. They've been so good about keeping the wet area controlled.
The veranda is also perfect for pressing. I suspect the bottle jack lost oil and isn't really working as well as it should, but we're making do.
The Fibres West folks have worked so hard to pull this together, including all kinds of outdoor friends!
Eucalypts high
and low
I feel so welcome, and am delighted to be here. We're on the campus of a former agricultural school and I feel like the air I'm breathing is safe. The climate changes constantly. This winter is a nice chance of pace from summer.
I think everything is going well. The students are wonderful, as are the other teachers, and I am so impressed by the whole affair. Yesterday was particularly wonderful with an afternoon off (time to do laundry!) and a massage. Martien is an amazing convener; I've never met someone so capable of the big picture and tiny details simultaneously while being so calm and reassuring. I've stocked up on goodies as I had hoped: beautiful dyed things to wear, books and tools, even a bit of shifu.

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Velma Bolyard said...

Yay! So glad all is well after the HUGE trip. And you got some shifu! Give Martien a hug from me. We spoke of you several times tonight.