Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Feels like home but almost time to go

I saw LOTS of kangaroos out in the wild during my trip down south to the Porongurups but was so busy playing staring games that I didn't take pictures of when there were easily 20 of them in the paddock next door to the inn.
Hard to see, but the tiny white specks far in the distance are sheep grazing. There are SO MANY SHEEP everywhere here. No wonder there are so many felters!
Trees during my evening walk the first night of three.
Terrible picture quality but there is one kookaburra in the left tree and two in the branches way to the right. I heard a bunch of them the next morning before we drove back to Perth.
Lemon trees on the property where I stayed. They grow a lot of their food, yum.
Class samples from the first 1-day workshop, lovely students.
Yesterday Di took me to Kalamunda to see the Stitched & Bound exhibit at the Zig Zag gallery. Fun to see work by people I had met in my first week here!
A big hazy yesterday but you can see Perth, the most isolated city in the world. I've been having a fabulous time and was happy to see people who felt already like old friends at my lecture last night. Tomorrow is my final workshop, for WAFTA, and then on the long journey to California begins in less than two days.

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Velma Bolyard said...

Australian magic and then the big trip. travel well...