Friday, October 24, 2014


There are so many mistakes in my teapot! So many. I won't point them out because they are too depressing, and I'm sure my teacher will not be thrilled when he gets home from teaching in Wonju today to see what a mess I've made today. I need to stop here so I can add the top handle, and then of course the side handle, and the spout ... well, we won't talk about the spout.
Yesterday I took another walk because it seemed too beautiful not to. Bum came along and took excellent care of me, staying close and within ear- and eyeshot, not running far off like the previous day. It made me wish I had such a dog for a companion.
Yesterday was also the first of two consecutive (and probably only) days I would get home alone. My teacher and his wife went far away with the boat to forage for acorns. Today, they went to Wonju for his regular teaching schedule.
We only found out a few days ago that he teaches every second and fourth Friday of the month. This means that I have three, not two, weeks before I return to Seoul and the urban life I am so accustomed to. I am a little scared that I might not make it that long without going mad, but have to remind myself to take it one day at a time.
A small grave.
I saw different things in the bright sun, though also the same things, just in a different light. The smell of the pine needles was wonderful.
I should go for another walk right now! But I could tell from stepping outside earlier today that it's too buggy today for that. So I settled for my now nearly daily afternoon nap and will get back to weaving shortly.


Velma Bolyard said...

i like daily naps! beautiful view, beautiful work, and if you are required to unweave, well, it's still weaving, right? over under twist etc etc...

Anonymous said...

enjoy the beautiful countryside, you'll be back to city life soon enough. enjoy the learning process weaving the teapot, after all learning is what you went for.