Sunday, October 19, 2014


My teacher's wife said that every morning is different here. So true! Not a trace of water or mountains today, though it eventually cleared.
I'm already feeling cabin fever, so I stepped outside and walked across the lawn and exchanged looks with the dog, and then off we went.
A boat dock waaaaay below.
I finally begged to turn around because I wasn't sure how far we would go. I've never had such a hard time keeping up with a dog, but obviously we're not dealing with leashes and also I am quite out of shape.
I finally learned the technique for tipping this puppy over! Slowly but surely ... as I am at the very far reaches of my abilities and patience (and my hands are aching, especially the left).
Look familiar?
Preparing the cook.
 This one is very me.
We're almost at the end of this piece (this is past halfway), but I should have stopped earlier. I got too anxious to finish late at night and now the top is not shaping properly. I am very sad about this, but knew enough to just finally stop and retire to my room. Tomorrow, I may rip some out to fix it. I was obeying my teacher's instructions, but he never remembers that I don't twine with as much tension as he does, so the instructions need to be altered for my lesser skills. But I have napped two days in a row, and that was great.