Saturday, October 18, 2014


Progress is slower than we hoped; my teacher said this had to be done by today (I've been here for just about four days but there were some interruptions). I begged him to help me make a crooked gourd. Crooked is NOT his thing but he is humoring me for now. I'm almost at the neck; it came up not quite the way we wanted, but it's still very good practice for gradual slopes—my usual shapes rise and fall too suddenly.
One morning. Every morning the mountains are shrouded in this fog, which also dances on the water. But these days I don't get up quite early enough to shoot it before the sun takes over.
My teacher planted paper mulberry plants, from Wonju, along the road leaving the house! It's like seeing friendly faces.

This morning. Late waking again, but I just am not cut out for 5am or 6am rising.
Lots of drama in the household today, lots of internal drama for me as I face the reality of taking care of a couple on a research trip to another country. But I still did a bunch of weaving and watched this hilarious show where Korean singers sing songs made popular by American stars. Tonight, as you can see, Michael Bolton visited to see the young Koreans go through some of his most famous tunes. I found this highly entertaining; helped distract from the sore hands and raw fingers. Tonight I stepped outside for the first time after dark to see the sky full of stars. The dog is lovely and came up to sit next to me as I talked on the phone, until it was time to run over to hunt some small animal in the darkness. Glad to know someone is out there!

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