Monday, July 23, 2007

Reentry sucks

You'd think I'd know better than to turn on the computer the night I get in. I got home past midnight and promptly took everything out of my suitcase and then went through all my mail and THEN showered my first shower since Thursday. We had run out of water in Mexico. Once it came back on Saturday, I figured I'd skip it b/c I hate traveling with wet towels (despite Andrew's assertion that "the good lord made towels so that they would get wet." Oh, and he also made the pockets in suitcases where you can put wet towels).

So, I am showered. And so sad to be back. I had a great time and now have a bunch more loved ones in my life and still have enough mosquito bites to keep me itchy for a while. I feel like a princess with clean running water, a toilet I am allowed to flush, and the option of putting all my dirty clothes in a machine that washes them. I miss the ranch, don't miss the mold. I miss the people like crazy. Half or more are still in Mexico as I return to my computer/Internet habit (more on that later). I'm going to itch myself to sleep now.

p.s. - this was the terrace outside my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
(Re-entry ALWAYS sucks...)
with abaca stuck to all my forearm hairs

Anonymous said...

yes, it can be really hard and painful. glad to hear you had a good time. i look forward to hearing more about it.
welcome home.

polarchip said...

Welcome back!!!

Glad it was a good experience for you!!

Paulettasaurus said...

Lovely picture. Welcome home.

P.S. Water outage is the *worst*. I can relate. Still so jealous about Mexico.