Thursday, July 05, 2007

The collywobbles

That's today's new vocabulary: A state of intestinal disorder, usually accompanied by a rumbling stomach. For example, 'butterflies in the stomach'. Rock on. I have a bottle of Imodium ready for the suitcase and have done lots of research on the water in Mexico, so I'm sufficiently warned. For now, I'm too tired and feel drugged after the pool party (well, no swimming b/c of rain) hosted by Clark and Becky. It was a chill afternoon/evening, good to meet new people and re-meet people from the past, and see Eric and Jenny in town from Chicago (Eric in the corner, and Becky's hands bouncing the beach ball on the left).

(There's a snake in that bottle: snake wine from Vietnam.) I'm surprised by how unwilling everything in my head has been this week. Tired eyes! Exhausted brain. I took time off yesterday to watch "Angels in America." Today, I got pruning shears, plastic sheeting, and nylon cord to make a clothesline. Now I just need clothespins. Why is that so hard to find nowadays? Apparently, we can blame it on clothes dryers. In the meantime, I've made three batches of paper, and four rainbow books. Tomorrow is my last day for errands in town. Hopefully I can find a good hat, rainboots (not so hopeful on that front), and clothespins. Then I can cram for two days at home before the adventure begins. For now, time to rehydrate so I can shake off the sangria. Maybe I'll try to learn Spanish for "where's the botanist?" and "is this a poisonous plant?" while I'm at it.


polarchip said...

Girlfriend, I'm telling you, Ricky's has the cutest rain boots!

And don't get the collywobbles, or else you'll have to take ameobacide too!! Maybe you should bring a portable water boiler?? They make those, you know. And water purification tablets (iodine?) too!

Anonymous said...

You go girl - just popped in to wish you Bon Voyage! And I've found clothespins at hardware stores, like Ace or True Value and I think maybe Menards...(or maybe you can get them there, due to fewer clothes dryers?)

Have a Blast, no collywobbles,

(whose word verication thingy says "thouf" which is a s ound someone with the collywobbles would make, no?)

Anonymous said...

Is it the same snake wine as the one I got there ?