Saturday, July 07, 2007

Haven't started packing yet

Instead, I'm tackling my to do list for when I get back from Mexico. I updated my website (new images under "Nebraska Sweat," "Papercuts," and "Shifu" in the Books and Paper sections), and am about to update my press kit now that Stefan sent the last three images from the shoot. I'm also doing Fulbright stuff and eating pickles. Last night I got sucked into Matt Ridley's Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. Maybe after I print and mail letters to Korea, I'll distract myself some more with the book.

Good news: I was panicking for months about nothing. I forgot that domestic and international luggage limits were different. There was no way I'd clear the 50 lb domestic limit, but I can manage the international 70 lb. Come on in, blender and tripod and pruning shears!


polarchip said...

Sweet! Glad you are able to bring a few comforts (and tools) from home. I read somewhere that a simple sarong is the most useful piece of clothing while traveling, because you can use it as a skirt, a dress, a shower curtain, a tent, a picnic cloth, a towel, a bag, and like a million other things. Do you have one?

Also, do you realize what an over achiever you are? You're already working on your postMexico to-do list? Insane! But I guess that's how you've been so successful in life.

I'm going to miss you so much when you are down there!!!!!

aimee said...

yes! i've always been all about the sarong, but haven't been able to use it b/c my last few residencies have been in stark winter. i have a sarong from jamaica that is now almost 10 years old but works like a charm. and i have the amazing thing that pauly brought me from the phil, too.

no, but see? it's not overachieving to work on my POST mex list, it's called procrastinating, or poor (and purposeful) prioritizing. but i'll be fine; i have great packing genes, so leaving it to the night before is no big deal.

i still wish you could come along!