Saturday, May 01, 2021

Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium Series


In my unreasonable obsession with always being "caught up," I thought that I'd be able to share the info about this weekend's Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium Series on time, but I failed. The first series Q&A session has already passed but you can see the videos that the panelists recorded here. The video above is the talk I recorded a few weeks ago about my hanji research + how I got into natural dyeing with paper. Thankfully one of my new colleagues here, Dr. Lee Oh-Kyu, caught an error I made inadvertently at 8 minutes: Lee Sang-ok Traditional Hanji is near Jirisan in Gyeongsang Province, not Jeolla, as I said by mistake. I knew that but don't know why it came out wrong. The hilarious thing is that Dr. Lee kindly said that in the past, that area used to actually be part of Jeolla Province, but then the maps were redrawn. It's very close to the border but I'm not making excuses!

To see the other three talks (in Korean), you can go to the site for our panel here. We will be online together for a live Q&A at Eastern time Sat, May 1, 7pm. You can register for the free event at that previous link, and view the virtual exhibits related to our talks here. We have to get up early here but are looking forward to being together virtually and hearing from you if you have questions about our talks. See you soon!

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