Monday, April 26, 2021

Brief hello from Tongyeong

A very quick note to say I am still alive but so deeply entrenched in extremely intense study that I haven't had a moment to come up for air. My entire body has been wrung out from physical labor, eye-numbing details, and deep gratitude for this new teacher who has come into my life.
Jo Dae-yong has devoted himself entirely to teaching me for the past week and I don't know how he is not also completely wrung out. I keep telling him that he needs to rest because I will be in a lot of trouble if I cause a national treasure to get sick or worn down excessively.
But we both feel the urgency of time so strongly. I have to leave in a few days for other work and he has a lot to prepare for an upcoming exhibit, presentation, and a million other things. We've taken zero days off and every work day seems to run longer than the next. I am in one of the most beautiful parts of this country but haven't been able to look around because the work is all consuming. I'll share more extensively when it's over but for now know that I'm finally at the heart of the trip (which strangely enough for me, always happens halfway into my Korea sojourns).

Also, my tooth or filling broke off so we have to somehow squeeze in emergency dental work. Agh!

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