Friday, February 12, 2021


Quarantine of this strict type leaves not as many hours to while away as I expected. Days have been full, so many calls and messages from Koreans who check in and take excellent care of me. That has been massively reassuring, as the folks who sent me here don't seem very concerned. Today, a week into these digs, I finally wrapped a few gifts in slippery elm paper and paper thread.
The videophone revealed to me today a surprise food drop by my cousin! He and my aunt had already brought over precious treats (like homemade kimchi) during their last drop on Sunday, and I wasn't expecting this one. I managed to catch a glimpse of him at the end of the hallway when I opened my door to retrieve the goodies. It will be really good to see family in person when I get out, at least those for whom it is safe to visit.
I drew the weird trees outside the window today, which are pruned rather ruthlessly, and was excited in the morning to hear squawking birds. Not pretty sounds, but still, birds! I haven't heard them for a while. I caught a glimpse of large black ones streaked with white and was glad to see different animals from the people walking in the street like ants. I also made pics of the kitchen sink, which blew me away with its thoughtful engineering. Maybe some good ideas for how to set up a series of traps to keep solid waste (aka pulp) from getting down the drain, in some future fantasy paper studio.
I wash dishes 3x/day and have been eating like I'm being stuffed for slaughter. Today is the big new year, the lunar one, but I can't gather with family or eat the right foods. But these are the sacrifices we've been making for nearly a year now, so it doesn't feel too sad. I had a funny call with my aunt who made/sent a bunch of the food and it's like having a mom away from home. It's amazing how much I've already found to be grateful for while shut away, and hope I can pay it all forward when I am released from captivity.

Of course, tons of podcasts as always. I was stunned by the idea of nature returning when the tourists were barred from Hawaii, and also really intrigued by this take on Greek plays and how theatre of that time is 100% connected to coping with war.

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