Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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[my view-ish from my shared room on campus]
Sunday morning: I'm writing from the Atlanta airport. I wished that I had seen the 1am text that said my morning flight was delayed two hours, so that I could have gotten the extra sleep straight through. Regardless, glad that I did not have to find out AT the airport. Flying was smooth and I read the entire time, feeling more and more that I really am at a pivot point in my life: I can keep going as is, or make different choices to take better care of myself and the people around me. The choice is obvious but the actions required aren't.
Tues afternoon: I'm at the the Folk School, on my second full day of teaching. This is outside our studio. My class is lovely and the pouring rain took a break from dumping on us so the sun is out. Now, back to making more cords to weave!

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