Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Day trip to Akron

While home, I've been trying to take myself on a date once a week. So far it has all been museums. I had missed the performance of Nick Cave's Soundsuits, but wanted to see the show before it closed. It was pouring but I drove anyway and was glad to see the Akron Art Museum for the first time.
I first saw this work in Chicago way back when I was in grad school. What I didn't notice at first was that the backdrop on the wall was not a mural like in other parts of the show.

It's all buttons!
After that main room that also has big wall assemblages was a video room, and then this piece of hanging painted beads that I wished I could have walked INTO. It changes as you walk around it.
The Hustle Coat was great against the custom mural (rather than on a white gallery wall).
This is the mural that greets you.
This Viola Frey ceramic sculpture was impressive. The whole contemporary and modern wing is lovely and has lots of space for rotating exhibits plus showing off the collection.
Though you can't tell scale, this is a big painting by Helen Frankenthaler. I enjoyed the museum, very human scaled, with thoughtful curating and a great collection. If it had been nice out, I would have stopped at the national park on the way home. This week I'm not sure what the date will be, but I may have to forgo it for teaching/travel prep. Excited to visit the John C. Campbell Folk School for the first time!

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