Sunday, December 31, 2023

Final quacks of 2023

I pushed hard the last few days at home before I left to see family in NY. This duck I started in Feb of this year. I can't believe it took this long to finish.
After a few false starts, I immediately then got to this one (once I'm warmed up and remember everything I'm capable of doing, it goes faster).
One friend said, interesting to see a newborn and a 10-month old! Both are uploaded on the duck page.
Earlier in another push in Nov, I hand delivered this new big book (intentionally not bound) to my photographer in the empty parking lot of a furniture store off of I-90, after I had gotten up early to buy fresh bread for him and his wife for their road trip, because that is the polite thing to do—share excellent bread. These are the things I do as a working artist when most of the world thinks that I am painting at an easel in a studio or something.
Being back with family comes with its own stressors, which almost overwhelmed my entire nervous system. I have a lot of work to do to reconfigure my response to...everything! But was glad to see this installation on my last day (again, a great tip from Stefan, from where all good things flow).

Mud from upstate going up 4 feet, the high line of where the Hudson River had flooded the gallery during Sandy's visit years ago. I returned home yesterday, relieved to be back even though I leave soon to teach at Oberlin. Don't forget to apply to do a desert residency for two weeks this year if you like. I might try but not for another year or so—so much is in flux right now.

If you can read Arabic, this is about me. And if you want to look around my website, I finally redid it with Insiya. The biggest new section is research, though I guess also teaching? The publications page is my favorite. Regardless, sorry to embed links in-line after attempting to add links at bottom so you aren't distracted constantly. But why pretend we aren't? See you in the new year.

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