Monday, July 04, 2022

Just barely

[What is going on in the world is entirely too much for me so I am simply trying to survive and that is more than enough right now.] I finally submitted my draft for the apron pattern (not my original, simply traced off of a kimchi apron from Namdaemun market in Seoul) photographed in the last post and here are the three versions based off of the red one at left, from Korea. My first one that I made years ago is my favorite, the one with umbrellas. But I love love love the hot dog fabric.
The kids down the street returned for another round of art and plant madness. We had a mix of weeding and transplanting outside before the sun made it over the side of the building.
I still haven't been able to get large enough permanent planters so I threw together what I could find in my garage, thanks mostly to my friend Angela who gives me lots of her garden transplants.
Mostly what is outside now is zinnia, while I had the kids each take a coreopsis seedling to take home and care for.
Michelle was, like last time, the best assistant I could ask for. She is GREAT with these kids, and they had a little weeding party in the back for a while.
To decorate the yogurt cups for their seedlings, they decorated slips of paper that we taped to the cups.

After everyone left, I laid down on a table and had a quick lunch before heading downtown to fix the installation that got hung wonky. This show opens soon, and hopefully they'll light this with a wash over the front to accompany the backlighting.
On the way back, I stopped to see my past student's public art project for the Cleveland Public Library. Irena was with Ngoc, doing finishing touches before the rain rolled in.
I delivered boba and bakery snacks as it was hot hot hot, and then finally headed home. I've been very fatigued but napping almost daily, still riding out the summer and having a lot of thoughts and feelings about my future. In less than a week, my hanji retreat begins! Everything turns to prep now.

July 14 opening for downtown locations, CAN Triennial

Chi-Irena Wong

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